Supported Files and Commands

Supported Shells

The following shells are well-supported by BashSupport Pro:

  • Bash
  • bats-core
  • Zsh

For the following shells there’s only limited support available:

  • Dash
  • Almquist shell
  • Kornshell
  • MirBSD Korn Shell

Files Associated with BashSupport Pro

The following extensions, filenames and shebang lines are mapped to BashSupport Pro.

For the listed shebang commands, absolute paths to the shebang commands (e.g. /usr/bin/bash) and the env command (e.g. /usr/bin/env bash) are supported.

扩展*.bash *.bats *.dash *.sh *.zsh
文件名.bash_aliases .bash_logout .bash_profile .bashrc .profile .zlogin .zlogout .zprofile .zshenv .zshrc zlogin zlogout zprofile zshenv zshrc
Shebang符号ash bash bats dash ksh ksh88 ksh93 mksh sh zsh @sh@ @shell@

BashSupport Pro detects the type of shell script files in the following order, the first valid match is used.

  1. ShellCheck shell directive, e.g. # shellcheck shell=bash
  2. Shebang line, e.g. #!/bin/bash
  3. File extension, e.g. .bash

If no match or only an unsupported match is found, then a warning is displayed, along with a quickfix to insert a ShellCheck directive.

Quickfix to insert a ShellCheck shell directive
Quickfix to insert a ShellCheck shell directive

Supported Commands

BashSupport Pro supports variable declarations by the following commands:

  • var=value, i.e. regular assignments
  • declare
  • typeset
  • local
  • export
  • for
  • getopts
  • mapfile
  • printf -v
  • read
  • readarray
  • readonly
  • select
  • unset
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