Commands and File Types

Supported Commands

BashSupport Pro supports variable declarations by the following commands:

  • var=value, i.e. regular assignments
  • declare
  • export
  • for
  • getopts
  • local
  • mapfile
  • printf -v
  • read
  • readarray
  • readonly
  • select
  • unset

Supported File Types

BashSupport Pro detects the type of shell script files with the following logic, the first valid match is used.

  1. ShellCheck shell directive, e.g. # shellcheck shell=bash.
  2. Shebang line, e.g. #!/bin/bash.
  3. File extension, e.g. .bash.

If no match or only an unsupported match is found, then a warning is displayed, along with a quickfix to insert a ShellCheck directive.

Quickfix to insert a ShellCheck shell directive
Quickfix to insert a ShellCheck shell directive

File Extensions

The following file extensions are supported by BashSupport Pro:

  • *.sh
  • *.bash
  • *.zsh
  • *.dash
  • *.ksh
  • *.mksh
  • *.bats (bats-core)

File Names

The following file names are associated with BashSupport Pro’s file type:

  • .bashrc
  • .profile
  • .bash_profile
  • .bash_logout
  • .bash_aliases

Shebang Lines

The following commands are supported within a shebang line. Absolute paths and /usr/bin/env are supported. For example #!/usr/bin/env bash.

  • sh
  • bash
  • zsh
  • dash
  • ash
  • ksh
  • ksh88
  • ksh93
  • mksh
  • @sh@ and @shell@ placeholders
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