Using Legacy BashSupport Run Configurations

If you used the legacy BashSupport plugin in the past, then you’ll most likely have a bunch of run configurations in your projects. BashSupport Pro fully supports these run configurations.

The user interface is different from the old plugin, but the storage format on disk is the same as defined by legacy BashSupport. You can safely modify the settings and continue to share the run configuration with others, who don’t use BashSupport Pro yet.

Possible Incompatibilities

Data Format

All compatible settings are stored in the format of the legacy plugin. New settings, which are only supported by BashSupport Pro, are stored in BashSupport Pro’s format. For example, you can define Redirect input from. But because the old plugin didn’t support it, it will only be useful for others if they have BashSupport Pro installed, too.

Default Interpreter

Legacy BashSupport has a setting Use Project Interpreter. This setting will be mapped to Interpreter: Default interpreter for script. The configured interpreters of these settings may be different, of course. To achieve identical results, please make sure that both settings point to the same interpreter on your machine.

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