Bundled Dictionaries

BashSupport Pro comes with a few bundled dictionaries to help you write clean scripts. Refer to JetBrains' help pages to learn more how the spellchecker works in your IDE.

With the bundled dictionaries your IDE now accepts the most common commands. For example, you won’t get a warnings when you use the ulimit command in a Shell script.

bashpro-bash.dic — Bash builtins
The dictionary bashpro-bash.dic adds the names of all Bash v5 commands. Commands like getopts or ulimit won’t be highlighted for incorrect spelling anymore.
bashpro-posix.dic — POSIX commands
The dictionary bashpro-posix.dic adds the names of all POSIX Shell and utility commands. These commands are not necessarily on your system, but they’re commonly used in scripts.
bashpro-gnu.dic — GNU commands
The dictionary bashpro-gnu.dic adds the names of common GNU command line utilities. For example, chroot is now accepted by the spellchecker.
bashpro.dic — Common words
This small dictionary adds a few common words, which are not in the other bundled dictionaries.
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