BashSupport Pro

A powerful Bash plugin for JetBrains IDEs

The Best Toolkit for Bash Developers

Bash is a widely used but complicated language with many oddities. BashSupport Pro can make your Bash development efficient and enjoyable by providing high-quality Bash language support in your JetBrains IDE.

It provides you with all the features that you expect for full language support: a refined editor experience with completions and formatting, powerful run configurations, debugger integration, a test runner and much more. BashSupport Pro integrates the best available utilities for Bash, including bashdb, ShellCheck, bats-core, and shfmt.

We are pretty certain that right now, there is nothing better out there for Bash development than BashSupport Pro.


BashSupport Pro brings productivity–enhancing context aware enhancements to scripting, shellcheck and shfmt integration to avoid footguns, and testing integrations to robustify the Bash code that band-aids the whole internet.


Smart Editing

The editor provides Bash syntax highlighting and other helpers like code folding and language injections. It offers code completion, covering all variables and functions in the current scope, and code analysis with ShellCheck, providing you with warnings and quick fixes. It also lets you do rename refactorings without breaking your code, and automatic code formatting in Google’s code style (or your own).

Code Navigation

For both variables and functions, including those in sourced files, BashSupport Pro provides a Go to Declaration and a Find Usages feature.

Script Execution

BashSupport Pro lets you execute Bash script files but also file snippets. With snippets, you can keep your script and multiple configurations in one file. All aspects of script execution are defined in run configurations. These also handle automatic path mappings when executing Bash in a Windows environment. You can import and export the run configurations of other Bash plugins.

Debugging and Testing

BashSupport Pro integrates the Bash debugger bashdb into the usual JetBrains debugger interface. This integration comes with conditional breakpoints, variable watch expressions, inlay hints and other goodies. The test framework bats-core is also fully integrated, making it comfortable to define and run your tests.

Team Collaboration

BashSupport Pro is suitable for complex projects that are developed in heterogeneous teams. Linux, macOS and Windows are all supported. You can share run configurations with anyone in the team, including those using a different OS. And in complex projects, defining a set of Bash scripts as a shell script library simplifies how you enable BashSupport Pro code inspection for your code.

Try Before You Buy

You can try BashSupport Pro for 30 days for free before buying – no registration needed.

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If you are eligible for free JetBrains licenses, you get the same with BashSupport Pro: open source projects, students etc. get free licenses.

Unconvinced? Questions?

Are you unsure if BashSupport Pro is for you? Please contact support.

If you like, you could also study the documentation of BashSupport Pro.

Finally a plugin to assist with syntax and debugging bash scripts! My students are ecstatic! After using IDEs for Python and C++ they were horrified to find out that they had to debug ‘unaided’. I just smiled! 😉 Seriously, it REALLY helps to reduce the time to working script AND it even comments on those of us that are old and still using features that are depreciated! I can’t imagine how I ever survived without it!

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