Pricing of BashSupport Pro


These licenses are bought by private individuals with their own funds.

1st year$ 2.30$ 23.00
2nd year$ 1.80$ 18.00
3rd year$ 1.40$ 14.00
Commercial use Fallback license
Sales tax may apply.


These licenses are bought by legal entities, including companies, for-profit and non-profit organizations.

1st year$ 6.80$ 68.00
2nd year$ 5.40$ 54.00
3rd year$ 4.10$ 41.00
Commercial use Fallback license
Sales tax may apply.

Free 30-Day Trial

There is a free 30-day trial period for everyone. Test BashSupport Pro without risk – no registration needed.


Payment, invoicing, and licenses are managed by the JetBrains Marketplace.

If you have a subscription for one of JetBrains’ products, then you know how it works. The exact same system is used for BashSupport Pro.

If you need help, please contact our support or reach out to JetBrains’ sales support.

Open Source and Academia

Licenses for academic and open source projects are available free of charge. Both individuals and organizations are eligible.

To apply for such a free license, register with JetBrains and then follow these instructions.

Free licenses have to be renewed annually.

If you’re using a free license, then we would appreciate your review on the JetBrains Marketplace page.

Perpetual Fallback License

After an uninterrupted license subscription of 12 months, you will receive a perpetual license for the version at the beginning of this 12 month subscription period.

No fallback license is available for the free licences granted to open source and academic projects.

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