bats-core Test Environment

BashSupport Pro integrates and supports the bats-core test framework.

bats-core is a well–known and widely used software to define and run automated tests for shell and Bash scripts. You can learn more about it at

bats-core files have the file extension .bats. They are highlighted like .bash files.

Supported System Configurations

All versions of GNU Bash, version 3 and later, are supported.

macOS, Linux, and Windows are supported. On Windows bats-core tests can be run with Bash installed WSL, Git Bash, or Cygwin.


  • debugging bats-core tests isn’t possible yet
  • .bats files are not fully compatible with Bash syntax. Errors may show up in these files, especially if BashSupport Pro is used together with the open–source BashSupport plugin.

Here are some extensions you could use in your bats-core tests:

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