Changes of BashSupport Pro 2.1


BashSupport Pro 2.1 has been released today. It’s a minor update, but still comes with important bug fixes and enhancements. Please refer to the changelog for a complete list of changes.


General Improvements

Simplified Chinese

The user interface of BashSupport Pro is now available in Simplified Chinese!

When you use JetBrains’ language pack for Simplified Chinese, then the user interface of the plugin will automatically adapt to your choice.

It’s even possible to show translated ShellCheck warnings and messages. By default, ShellCheck outputs English messages. BashSupport Pro contains translations of all ShellCheck messages. If you prefer this over the English messages, then there’s a new setting “Show translated ShellCheck messages” to show the translations instead.

Additionally, the screenshots of the manual of the Chinese website now show the new translation. The content of the manual is still English, though.

Chinese Translation of a ShellCheck message
Chinese Translation of a ShellCheck message
Run Configuration Using The Chinese Language Pack
Run Configuration Using The Chinese Language Pack


The bundled tools have been updated to the latest releases: ShellCheck 0.8.0, shfmt 3.4.1 and bats-core 1.5.0.


Editing External Files

Editing and navigation in external and standalone files is working better now.

Some existing features were not properly working in external files. For example, when you opened a file at a location outside the current project, it wasn’t possible to rename or to go to the definition of a variable. This has been fixed with 2.1 and editing external or standalone files is now easier and more powerful.


Version 2.1 improves the existing spellchecking support and also adds support for Grazie. There already was built-in support, but users reported that it wasn’t good enough.

Spelling mistakes are now detected in plain words. For example, the mistake in echo speling mistake is now highlighted. Additionally, bugs were fixed which prevented to apply corrections to detected spelling mistakes.


In addition to the improved spellchecking, there’s now also support for JetBrains’ wonderful Grazie plugin. Grazie adds intelligent checks for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Double-quoted strings, single-quoted strings and here-documents of your shell scripts are now checked by Grazie.

Quick Documentation

Previous versions already contained documentation for variables of Bash, POSIX, and bats-core. With version 2.1, there’s now additional quick documentation for operators of arithmetic expression, e.g. for (( a <= b)).

The bundled documentation has been extended and improved. It’s now also available on the web.

Improved Support for bats-core

In additional to the support for bats-core 1.5.0, quick documentation and code completion has been improved for the built-in variables. Code completion now knows about variables, which are only valid inside @test functions.

Run Configurations

BashSupport Pro now supports to execute arbitrary files, which have a shebang line. Previously, this functionality was only provided by the JetBrains Shell plugin and was missing in BashSupport Pro.

For example, if you save the following snippet into a file without an extension, a run line marker will be displayed in the gutter of the editor. You can either execute it in the terminal or as a run configuration in a separate tool window.

#!/usr/bin/java --source 11

public class Test
    public static void main(String[] args)
        System.out.println("Hello World!");

EnvFiles Support

If you have the EnvFile plugin, then the run configurations of BashSupport Pro will show an additional tab “EnvFile” to integrate with the plugin. It allows you to modify the environment variables of the run configuration using .env-style files. Please refer to the documentation of the EnvFile plugin to learn about its capabilities and how to configure it.

Thank You!

Thank you for using BashSupport Pro – version 1.0 was released almost two years ago. We hope that version 2.1 helps you write even better Bash and shell scripts. Please contact support if you’re having troubles using it or if you have ideas how to improve it.

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