Changelog of BashSupport Pro 3.0.3

An annotated list of all changes is available in the release announcement.


  • Updated Translation into Simplified Chinese of the user interface.


  • Fixed Exception AstLoadingException in ShReadWriteDetector.isReadWriteAccessible.
  • Fixed Some composed variables were not properly highlighted in the sample script in the project settings.
  • Fixed [#116]: Highlighting of parameter expansions, local variable declarations and reassigned local variable declarations.
  • Fixed Live templates for commands were incorrectly shown in group “BashSupport Pro: Array”.
  • Fixed [#118]: Incorrect insertion of } in a function with an arithmetic expression.
  • Fixed Insertion of a missing } was active for more languages than just shell scripts.

Structure View

  • Updated [#115]: Hide the top-level tree node of the current file to improve usability of “Collapse all” and “Expand all” actions of the structure view tool window.
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