How To Install BashSupport Pro

  1. Pick your IDE.
    Most likely you’re already using a JetBrains IDE. If not, then you need to choose one. BashSupport Pro is available for all IntelliJ-based IDEs. Install IntelliJ Community or PyCharm Community if you prefer a free development environment.
  2. Open the plugin settings at File → Settings… → Plugins.
  3. Enter BashSupport Pro in the text input field to quickly find it.
    BashSupport Pro on the JetBrains Marketplace
    BashSupport Pro on the JetBrains Marketplace
  4. Click the button to download it.
  5. Restart your IDE.
  6. BashSupport Pro is a standalone plugin. It will ask you to deactivate conflicting plugins like JetBrains Shell.
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