Changelog of BashSupport Pro 2.1

A description of the most important changes is available in the release announcement.


  • Added Translation into Simplified Chinese! All user interface messages and the ShellCheck warnings are translated. Unfortunately, JetBrains’ platform doesn’t allow to translate the descriptions of inspections, intentions and a few more elements.
  • Added New ShellCheck setting “Show translated messages” to get (slightly more generic) translations of ShellCheck’s messages into Simplified Chinese. This setting is turned off by default.
  • Added Integration with the EnvFile plugin to set up Bash and bats-core run configurations with .env files.
  • Added Send property ide.lang with the ID of the installed language pack with the optional telemetry.
  • Improved Spellchecking is now available on plain argument value, e.g. on echo speling mistake
  • Fixed “Go to definition” is now working properly for external files, i.e. files which are not part of the current project.
  • Fixed Don’t detect wsl.exe as interpreter if no WSL distribution is installed.
  • Fixed WSL wasn’t found by the automatic detection of shell interpreters.
  • Fixed WSL is now only found by the automatic detection if there’s at least one installed distribution.
  • Fixed Exception pro.bashsupport.fv3 cannot be presented


  • Added Integration with the Grazie plugin for advanced checks of your texts. For now, it’s enabled for double-quoted strings, single-quoted strings and here-documents.
  • Fixed Rename of unresolved variables, e.g. to rename a variable with a spellcheck error using “Typo: Rename to”. Previously, an error message was displayed.


  • Fixed #89: Parsing of arithmetic for loops with a command group, e.g. for (( i=0; i<2; i++ )) { echo $i ; }.
  • Fixed #96: Parsing of builtin commands like read with a following here-document.

Quick Documentation

  • Added Quick documentation for some arithmetic expression operators, e.g. for (( a <= b )).
  • Added Quick documentation for the =~ regular expression operator.
  • Updated Improved the built-in documentation for conditional operators.
  • Fixed Exception Argument for @NotNull parameter 'indicator' of com/intellij/openapi/application/ex/ApplicationUtil.runWithCheckCanceled must not be null.
  • Fixed Documentation for info pages is always empty.
  • Fixed Exceptions with 2021.3 EAP.
  • Fixed Rare NullPointerException when executing bash to fetch an info page failed.

Google Shell Code Style

  • Don’t execute inspection “Missing main function” on bats-core files.
  • Don’t execute inspection “Shebang style” on bats-core files.


  • Updated Bundling ShellCheck 0.8.0.
  • Added Support suppression with shellcheck disable=all.
  • Added Only run ShellCheck for actually supported file types. Previously ShellCheck was executed for .zsh files. There’s a new setting to configure this, it’s enabled by default.
  • Added New setting and editor notification for users of the Simplified Chinese language pack to show translated ShellCheck messages instead of English.


  • Updated Bundling bats-core 1.5.0.
  • Added Support command line argument --verbose-run in the bats-core run configuration.
  • Added Support command line argument --show-output-of-passing-tests in the bats-core run configuration.
  • Added Support command line argument --print-output-on-failure in the bats-core run configuration.
  • Added Support command line argument --gather-test-outputs-in in the bats-core run configuration.
  • Added Show built-in commands load, run, and skip in auto autocompletion.
  • Fixed Code completion is now properly suggesting scoped variables of bats-core. For example, $BATS_TEST_NAME is not suggested outside a @test, setup, or teardown function.
  • Fixed The test plan wasn’t printed in the output log. Tests without test cases are now easier to identify with output 1..0.

Run Configurations

  • Added Show placeholder texts for an empty “file path” input.
  • Added Show placeholder texts for an empty “inline snippet” editor.
  • Added Provide a run line marker for files, which are not shell scripts and which have a shebang line. For example, it’s now easier to run Java files with a shebang line.
  • Fixed Turn off the “Debug” button for run configurations, which don’t support debugging. Currently, debugging is only supported for Bash and POSIX files.
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