Changelog of BashSupport Pro 2.1.5

A description of the most important changes of the 2.1 release is available in the release announcement.


  • Updated Support latest EAP of 2022.1 (221.4501.0 and later).
  • Fixed Many NoClassDefFoundError exceptions by preventing dynamic load and unload of plugins, which are optional dependencies of BashSupport Pro. Please refer to IDEA-287090 and vote for it to get this bug fixed in the JetBrains platform code.
  • Fixed Exception Incorrect CachedValue use.


  • Fixed #100: A &> redirect wasn’t properly supported with a process substitution, e.g. >(tee -a "output.log").
  • Fixed #101: Name validation for function definitions. For example ns::name is now accepted as a valid function name.
  • Fixed Name validation for variables.
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