Public Release of BashSupport Pro

It finally happened — BashSupport Pro is available now!

The plugin is now available on the JetBrains marketplace.

Debugger Integration

The major feature of this version is the debugger integration.

You can now debug Bash scripts on all major platforms: macOS, Linux, and Windows. Versions 5 and 4 of Bash are supported by the debugger integration.

On Windows, you can debug with Bash on WSL, Git Bash, and Cygwin Bash.

Miscellaneous Features

There are some more minor features. For example, Vim–style custom code folding {{{....}}} is now available for all files in your IDE.

There are also a few additions to the JetBrains Shell Script: basic support for the shellcheck source directive — filenames will be updated when you rename and move your script files. And NavigateGo to symbol is available with the JetBrains Shell Script plugin. You can now easily lookup a Bash function or variable by name.


Much time has been spent to provide good documentation and install instructions. Every feature is explained in detail and should hopefully help you to get started quickly. Oh, and it looks great in dark mode an on high–resolution displays.

Next Steps

The debugger is great, but only the beginning. More useful features will be added to BashSupport Pro. The issue tracker shows what’s planned. Please add your own request at this place.

Considerable effort will be spend on a much better integration with the JetBrains Shell Script plugin. Most of these improvements are only possible with the next major release 2020.2. I expect that at that point BashSupport Pro paired with JetBrains Shell Script will provide an equal or even better editing experience than BashSupport Pro with the old, open–source BashSupport plugin.

When this happens the integration of BashSupport Pro with the open–source counterpart will be dropped — this setup is just too complicated for most users and the old BashSupport plugin isn’t actively maintained anymore.

The old BashSupport plugin will retire at some point — here’s why. More news on this will be announced as soon as possible.