BashSupport Pro 1.5



Language Injection

Language injection is finally available in BashSupport Pro. It’s available for quoted strings "<html></html>", raw strings <html></html> and here documents.

Powerful Folding

Folding was previously only available for comments and functions. Code folding is now much more capable and supports you to work on large shell scripts. You can find screenshots and examples in the documentation.

Many Incremental Improvements

Almost all features of the BashSupport Pro plugin have been improved.

The ShellCheck integration should feel much better now.

For bats–core, the latest release is bundled, the load function is supported now, and you’ll see better code completion in .bats files now.

For run configurations, there’s a new Send Signal action on macOS and Linux. Run configurations are now executed by your OS, of possible – the command on the shebang line isn’t ignored any more.

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