Pricing Update on June 1, 2024


The first version of BashSupport Pro was released February 2020. Since its inception the price remained the same.

Starting June 1, 2024, more than 4 years later, the pricing will be updated for the first time.

Until June, it’s possible to pay in advance for up to three years at the old price.

New Pricing

Here you will find a comparison of the old and new prices. Additionally, there are new volume discounts for companies and organizations.

Please note that the table is in USD only and does not include VAT that may apply in your country. Prices in EUR and other currencies will be updated accordingly.

Old PricingNew Pricing
1st Year1st Year2nd Year3rd Year
For Individuals
Annual$ 23.00$ 39.00$ 31.20$ 23.40
Monthly$ 2.30$ 3.90$ 3.10$ 2.30
For Organizations
Annual$ 68.00$ 99.00$ 79.20$ 59.40
Monthly$ 6.80$ 9.90$ 7.90$ 5.90

Volume Discount

Volume discounts for organizations are available starting today:


To let us keep working on BashSupport Pro and to allow us to provide a high-quality product.

When Will The New Pricing Apply?

June 1, 2024

Can I Keep The Old Prices?

Yes, but not forever.

Depending on your last purchase, it’s possible to prepay licenses at the old prices for up to three years into the future. Unfortunately it’s not possible to stick to the old prices for longer than that.

Please follow these steps to purchase in advance with the current, lower pricing:

  1. Open
  2. Select “Marketplace Plugins” as “Product of your interest”
  3. Select “Price quotation” for “What can we help you with?”
  4. Kindly ask your sales representative to provide you with a quote to let you prepay for BashSupport Pro:

    Please provide me with a quote to purchase a license of BashSupport Pro in advance with the longest possible duration.
    I’d like to keep the current pricing as long as possible.

What About My Continuity Discount?

It’s still applied as long as you keep an active subscription. After June 1, the discount is applied to the new prices.

I Don’t Like This. What Can I do?

We understand that increased prices may be frustrating.
Please contact us at We will try to find an acceptable solution for you.

Perpetual Fallback License

With a perpetual fallback license, you can keep using BashSupport Pro without an active subscription. For example, if you purchase an annual license, you can keep using a specific version without an active subscriptions as long as it’s compatible with the JetBrains IDE you are using.

At this time, the latest release of BashSupport Pro is 4.0 and is compatible with JetBrains 2024.1 IDEs.
If you want to use a fallback license, please make sure you purchase it before June 1.

Your JetBrains account page displays if you already have a fallback license of BashSupport Pro.

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