Changelog of BashSupport Pro 3.3.6

An annotated list of all changes of the 3.x major version is available in the release announcement.


  • Fixed Possible causes of exception PsiInvalidElementAccessException.
  • Fixed On uninstall, BashSupport Pro now attempts to restore the default file extension associations of the JetBrains Shell plugin (i.e. *.sh, *.bash, *.zsh). This is a workaround for platform issue IDEA-297533. Earlier versions of BashSupport Pro opened a website with instructions when it was uninstalled, but it did not attempt to restore the associations.

Run Configurations

  • Fixed Exception class cannot be cast to class, which was raised when “Run with Terminal” was executed in a project with a configured default remote run target.
  • Fixed Exception Invalid file: when using a deleted file in a run configuration.
  • Fixed In a project opened from a WSL path the WSL distribution wasn’t always added on the command line when a run configuration was executed.
  • Fixed Breakpoints were not properly hit for run configurations with a WSL path prefix different to the project, e.g. \\wsl$\ in a project opened from \\wsl.localhost.

Google Shell Code Style

  • Fixed Exception InvalidVirtualFileAccessException when checking if a file adheres to the code style.


  • Fixed Exception java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "java.nio.file.Path.endsWith(String)" because the return value of "java.nio.file.Path.getFileName()" is null.
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