Changelog of BashSupport Pro 2.0.3

An annotated list of changes of the 2.0 major version is available in the release announcement.


  • Updated The build for 2021.2 EAP now requires 212.4746.0 or later (i.e. the 2021.2 release candidate).


  • Fixed Exception AssertionError when computing folding regions of an empty case pattern.
  • Fixed Exception PsiInvalidElementAccessException when computing a run configuration for the current context element
  • Fixed Exception ClassCastException: class com.intellij.lang.puppet.ruby.epp.psi.impl.EppFile cannot be cast to class pro.bashsupport.qz
  • Fixed Exception builder.treeBuilt.firstChildNode must not be null

Run Configuration

  • Changed On Windows, if a custom interpreter path was defined together with “Windows path mapping: Automatic”, then the custom interpreter is not executed anymore to find out about the path mapping. This would be okay for wsl.exe, bash.exe or other shell interpreters, but user-defined scripts must not be executed to detect a path mapping. This reverts a change of behaviour between 1.5 and 2.0 back to the implementation of 1.5.
  • Fixed Freeze of run configuration window or the IDE window when editing a run configuration with Windows path mapper settings. This could have also frozen the IDE window at startup if the toolbar was showing a BashSupport run configuration as default.
  • Fixed Slow-downs of the user interface when editing interpreter settings of run configurations on Windows.


  • Fixed Exception StringIndexOutOfBoundsException, e.g. when pasting into a shell script with setting “Reformat on paste” enabled.


  • Fixed Exception with intention to remove quotes of literals with special shell characters
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