Changelog of BashSupport Pro 1.5.9


Bug fixes :

  • #51: Don’t disable automatic code completion popups. This bug was caused by incorrect behaviour when managing automatic popups after $ and ${ in shell script files.
  • Fix InvalidPathException: UNC path is missing hostname: //
  • Don’t send the hostname in telemetry data. This bug was introduced in 1.5. All data has been purged on the server and the hostname is stripped from new events before they’re stored. Now an empty string is sent as hostname, as in 1.4 and earlier.


Bug fixes :

  • #50: Intellisense incorrectly suggests $BATS_TEST_TMPDIR
  • Display “bats-core builtin variable” in the quick documentation of bats-core built-ins like $BATS_TMPDIR.


Bug fixes :

  • The action Send Signal was displayed for Golang and other run configurations.
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