Changelog of BashSupport Pro 1.5.8

New Features


  • Support variables declared by the select command (go to declaration, rename, quick documentation, completion)
  • Support quick documentation for builtin variables in completion menus, e.g. when completing $HOME.
  • Documentation for built-in POSIX variables, e.g. for $PATH. Documentation of Bash variables will be added later.
  • Folding for subshell expressions, here documents, command groups, all compound commands, if command branches, case patterns, and all function definition bodies (including compound commands)
  • Show code completions when typing out a shebang line.
  • Support Markdown Navigator: automatically inject the BashSupport Pro shell script language into code blocks of the plugin. Language ids bash, sh, zsh, shell script are supported.
  • Completion of relative file paths, e.g. for . ./name. Paths to command names are shown in the automatic popup, other locations need manual invocation to show the relative path completion.
  • Language injection into single-quoted strings, e.g. '<html></html>'.
  • Language injection into double-quoted strings, e.g. "<html><body>$html</body></html>". Substituting elements like subshell commands are shown a read-only fragments when editing an editor on the injected content.
  • Improved language injection into heredocs with substitutions, e.g. subshell commands.
  • Support the IntelliJ Rainbow Brackets plugin. You need version 6.11 or later of the rainbow plugin.
  • Updated the bundled shfmt to the latest version.


  • New file-level directives are now inserted after the shebang, if it exists.
  • Existing directives are updated instead of creating new ones. For example # shellcheck disable=SC1234 is updated to # shellcheck disable=SC1234,SC2345.
  • Don’t show a warning about an unknown shell types for files which have a supported extension, but no shebang line.
  • Quickfix “Add source directive” for error SC1008 (unrecognized shebang)
  • Quickfix “Add source directive” for error SC2148 (missing shebang)
  • Quickfix “Add source directive” for error SC1071 (unsupported shebang)
  • Show a tooltip with the short description for codes in ShellCheck directives. You can hover over any SC code in # shellcheck comments to see a short description.
  • Disabled SC1064 by default (Expected a { to open the function definition.), because BashSupport Pro treats compound commands as function bodies differently as ShellCheck.
  • Disabled SC1073 by default (Couldn't parse this (thing). Fix to allow more checks.), because it’s confusing in the editor and mixes with BashSupport Pro’s own error markers.
  • Display ShellCheck warnings without quick fixes similar to the normal presentation of inspections within the IDE.
  • Display “Edit inspection settings…” menu item for the ShellCheck inspection warnings.


  • Updated bundled bats-core to the current 1.2.1 release. You can now use file-level setup and teardown functions.
  • Support the load command, similar to the source builtin. Elements in referenced files are now parsed and used for quick doc, rename, etc.
  • Complete bats-core’s built-in variables.
  • Quick documentation for the built-in bats-core variables.
  • bats-core files are now validated by ShellCheck.
  • Display in the run configuration editor, which working directory is used by default. By default, this is the source directory.
  • Display in the run configuration editor, that the configured Bash interpreter is used by default if there’s no user-defined value of “interpreter path”.
  • New option “Add interpreter dir to $PATH” to fix execution of bats-core on systems with incomplete $PATH settings. This is turned on by default.
  • Show edit and create actions in the line markers of bats-core files (like everywhere else).
  • Structure view now displays names of @test functions

File Support

  • Files without an extension, but with a # shellcheck source=name directive in the first line, are now detected as shell scripts.
  • Automatically assign the shell script filetype to files without extension, which have a known shebang line. Both variants /path/to/shell and /usr/bin/env shell are supported. Supported commands are sh, bash, bats, zsh, ash, dash, ksh, ksh88, ksh99, and mksh. The dash, ksh, and mksh shells are only supported as POSIX-compliant shells, for now.
  • Automatically assign the shell script filetype to files with extensions .dash, .ksh and .mksh. These files treated as POSIX shell files, for now.
  • IDEA-175757: Support #! @SH@ and #! @SHELL@ shebang lines.
  • A file’s language (POSIX, Bash) is now detected by # shellcheck shell=... first, then by the shebang line, then by file extension. This improves completions and a bunch of other features, which rely on the language.

Run Configurations

  • New Action “Send signal” in the left toolbar to send a signal to the running process. This is available for run and debug, on macOS and Linux.
  • Renamed “Default interpreter for script” to “Automatic”.
  • Configurations with interpreter type “Automatic” for executable files with a shebang line are now executed by your OS (Linux/macOS). This will give you the most compatible results.
  • In Automatic mode, non-executable files are executed with the command in the shebang line.
  • Windows: Allow to run executable files without an interpreter, e.g. .bat and .exe files.
  • Windows: Don’t throw an exception trying to detect the version of WSL’s bash.exe when no distribution is installed.
  • Support the new run configurations settings of the JetBrains Shell 2020.3 plugin (“run in terminal” and “environment variables”)


  • If the configured interpreter doesn’t seem to be Bash, then the default Bash interpreter is used. If there’s no default interpreter configured, then debugging is started and a warning is shown.
  • Wait up to 30s (instead of 5s) for bashdb to become ready. For example, long timeouts can happen on Windows, when a virus scanner delays execution.

Inspections and Intentions

  • New Inspection and quickfix to mark plain text files with known shebang line (e.g. #!/bin/bash) as shell script files. This helps to convert existing plain text files.
  • New inspection to show a warning for script files, which have a shebang line, but are not executable. This inspection is disabled by default.
  • New inspection to show a warning for script files, which are executable, but have no shebang file. This inspection is disabled by default.
  • Intention To quoted string now also allows to add quotes around plain words, e.g. a\ b is turned into "a b".
  • New intention “Convert to unquoted”, which converts single-quoted or double-quoted strings into the equivalent form without quotes, e.g. "hello world"" into hello\ world.
  • New intention “Remove quotes” to remove the quotes of double-quoted or single-quoted strings.
  • New intention to convert subshell commands into the equivalent backquote command, e.g. (echo) into `echo`.
  • New intention to convert a backquote command substitution into the equivalent subshell command, e.g. `echo` into (echo).
  • New intention to convert a simple variable reference to the equivalent parameter expansion, e.g. $name to ${name}.
  • New intention to convert a simple parameter expansion to the equivalent variable reference, e.g. ${name} to $name.


  • macOS: The bundled shfmt and shellcheck binaries are now signed and notarized.
  • Windows: Bundled shfmt, shellcheck, and the pty4j helpers are now signed.
  • Windows: Updated bundled binary of shfmt to avoid that it’s incorrectly flagged as malware. It’s now build with different compiler settings and without UPX compression.
  • Windows/Linux: Updated bundled binaries of ShellCheck to avoid that it’s incorrectly flagged as malware. UPX compression has been disabled.
  • Run configurations: Show a better warning message for run configuration with interpreter type “Chosen by your OS” when the file is not executable.
  • Windows: Fix execution of commands, which are to be found in $PATH, e.g. explorer.exe.
  • Fixed rendering of HTML documentation comments.
  • Fixed AccessDeniedException when completing paths, which are not readable by the current user.
  • Fixed inplace-rename for variables declared by export and other commands.
  • Fixed label in rename dialog for functions and variables declared by export and other commands.
  • Fixed handling of assignments, which only modify the environment of an executed command, e.g. foo=value command_name. Now these are never treated as valid variable declarations.
  • Fixed highlighting of the command name in a=1 name arg
  • JetBrains Markdown: Support more language aliases for language injection, including sh, shell, shell-script, and shell script, IDEA-220660.
  • Disabled automatic formatting of parts of a file, as shfmt is currently not yet supporting this. This created too many undo steps and a few more issues.
  • Live templates: re-enabled if, for, fori, select, case, while, until, function. These templates are available where commands can be entered.
  • bats-core: ‘Run tests’ was sometimes displayed for directories, which did not contain .bats files.
  • bats-core: Show live-templates setup, teardown and @setup only where commands are allowed.
  • shfmt: fix AWT events are not allowed inside write action
  • bats-core: fix PsiInvalidElementAccessException for .bats files, which aren’t stored on disk.
  • Fix StackOverflowException with 2020.3 EAP (and possibly earlier versions)
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