Changelog of BashSupport Pro 1.5.14


  • Fixed Parsing of comments inside backticks (thread)
  • Fixed Parsing of backtick commands, subshell commands, and process substitutions only consisting of newlines, whitespace, or comments
  • Updated Show opt-in notification about metrics later. As before, no data is sent without your agreement. None of the data contains personal information (see what’s sent).
  • Fixed Preview versions are always sending metrics, but the notification wasn’t shown early enough. 2.0.0-beta1 is the only preview version so far.

Run Configurations

  • Added Support JetBrains Shell’s new setting “Execute Script text”, which was added in 2021.1 EAP. BashSupport Pro already supported snippets, but now follows Shell’s file format for run configuration type “Shell Script (by BashSupport Pro)”.
  • Fixed The XML of JetBrains run configurations, which are created by BashSupport Pro, wasn’t matching Shell’s values for options INDEPENDENT_SCRIPT_PATH and INDEPENDENT_SCRIPT_WORKING_DIRECTORY for empty path values.
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