Changelog of BashSupport Pro 1.5.12


  • Performance Code completion, find usages and highlighting are faster now for projects with many sourced files.
  • Performance Large files are highlighted faster, time-consuming inspections were optimized.
  • Added New setting to control if code completions from sourcing files should be displayed in automatic completion popups (enabled by default, as in previous versions).
  • Updated Built shared library for both Intel and Apple Silicon to prepare for native execution on Apple M1 systems.
  • Fixed Highlight source and . commands as keywords. Previously, no highlighting was applied.
  • Fixed Resolve variable declared in a file also sourced with the current file, e.g. show declarations of a.bash when editing b.bash if main.bash includes a.bash before b.bash.
  • Fixed Exception Project Project(...) already disposed when formatting a file.


  • Fixed Exception Argument rangeInElement (0,5750) endOffset must not exceed descriptor text range in inspection “Missing source file”.


  • Fixed Don’t show an error when ShellCheck returned malformed JSON (JsonSyntaxException).
  • Fixed Exception Cannot start process, the working directory 'C:\Users\...' does not exist.
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