Privacy of BashSupport Pro

BashSupport Pro never sends metrics without your consent. A notification is displayed at startup to ask for your consent. If you don’t opt–in to metrics, then nothing will be send.

Telemetry data is a small piece of data to tell what’s happening and which features are used or unused. Data is send in the form of “events”. An event is send when something happens, e.g. when the Bash debugger was started.

Please note, that preview and beta versions of the plugin always send telemetry data.

Error Reporting

Exception reports are also send to the Sentry application above. Only the information which you entered into the dialog is send. Please note, that the common properties shown above are also send with the error report.

Transmitted Data

The following section shows exactly what’s send. This list displays the data, which is used by the latest public release of BashSupport Pro.

I’m no aware of any other company offering such a list. Personally I strongly dislike tracking. I need some data to make sure BashSupport Pro is developing into the right direction — therefore I’m tracking software, not people. I try to be very open about what’s going on under the hood.

Common Properties

These are the properties which are send with every event.

Example: 2020-01-30T21:33:14.000000Z
Timestamp when the event is send to the server.
Example: 1.0.0
The installed version of the BashSupport Pro plugin
Example: java
Name of the used software platform, used internally by Sentry.
Example: eap
A string to tell if the plugin is a development or stable version
Example: JetBrains
The vendor of the Java runtime used to execute the IDE.
Example: 11.0.4+10-b520.11
Version of the Java runtime used to execute the IDE.
Example: Windows
The name of the operating system you're using.
Example: 10.15.1
The version of the operating system you're using.
Example: IU
The product code of your IDE.
Example: 2019
The major build number of your IDE.
Example: IU-193.6015.39
The full build id of your IDE.
Example: true
A boolean value to tell if the JetBrains Shell plugin is used with BashSupport Pro.
Example: true
A boolean value to tell if the open-source BashSupport plugin is used with BashSupport Pro.

Event Properties

These are the events and properties which are send. The common properties are send with each event, but not listed again. You can expand the “Properties” sections to see the properties of a specific event.

EventDescription and properties
app_startingFired when the IDE is starting and the BashSupport Pro plugin is initialized
plugin_id (example: “pro.bashsupport”)
The ID of the BashSupport Pro plugin
licensed (example: “true”)
Boolean value if a license is found for the plugin
test_batsFired when a bats-core run configuration is executed
name_filter (example: “false”)
Boolean value to tell if the run configuration is filtering tests by name
recursive (example: “true”)
Boolean value to tell if the run configuration is recursively search for tests
parallel (example: “1”)
Integer value to tell how many tests are executed in parallel
path_mapper (example: “Automatic”)
The path mapping used for this run configuration
debug_session_pausedFired when a Bash debug session stopped at a breakpoint.
debug_session_resumedFired when a Bash debug session was resumed.
debug_session_startedFired when a new debug session was started
file_ext (example: “sh”)
File extension of the debugged file
debug_session_stoppedFired when a Bash debug session terminated, either successfully or with an error.
intentionFired when an intention of BashSupport Pro was applied in a file
intention_name (example: “ConvertToQuotedString”)
The ID of the applied intention
new_file_actionFired when a new shell script file has been created using BashSupport Pro's new file action
template (example: “BashSupport Pro Bash”)
Name of the file template
file_ext (example: “bash”)
The file extension of the new file
unlicensed_actionFired when a feature is executed, but no valid license was found. A stack trace is included in the event data.