How To Activate Your License

This page assumes that you already have a license. If you don’t have one, then get one on the JetBrains marketplace.

First Choice: Help → Register Plugins

First, try Help → Register Plugins. This menu item is available, when the BashSupport Pro plugin is still enabled.

Dialog to activate BashSupport Pro
Dialog to activate BashSupport Pro

You can either activate online with your JetBrains account, activate offline with an activation code or use JetBrains license server.

Fallback: Enable and Restart

If the menu item above isn’t available, then the plugin might be disabled.

  1. Enable the BashSupport Pro plugin at Settings… → Plugins → Installed.
  2. Restart your IDE
  3. Now your IDE should display a dialog at startup, which lets you activate the BashSupport Pro plugin.
  4. Click Add New License and activate using one of the offered choices.