Features of BashSupport Pro

BashSupport Pro is under active development. The list of features will grow in the future.

What BashSupport Pro Adds To Your IDE

bashdb integration for Bash v4 and v5 on macOS, Linux, Windows.  more
Test Runner
Fully featured bats–core test runner.  more
ShellCheck Support
Displays ShellCheck’s messages in the editor.
shfmt Formatter
Format files using shfmt.
Powerful Run Configurations
Inline snippets, Windows path mapping (WSL, Cygwin, Git Bash), input and output redirection.
Legacy Run Configurations
Supports run configurations of legacy BashSupport and of the JetBrains Shell plugin for a smooth migration.
Code Completion
For functions, variables references, variable declarations, file paths and built-in names.
Syntax highlighting. Advanced highlighting of local variables and reassigned local variables.  more
Multi-File Navigation
For functions, variables references, and variable declarations. Supports sourced files.
Find Usages
For functions, variables references, and variable declarations. Supports sourced files.
Rename Refactoring
Rename functions and variable definitions and all usages, across multiple files.
Quick Documentation
Quick documentation of functions, variables, and Bash commands.  more
Language Injection
Supports injection into raw strings, quoted strings, and here documents. Substitutions are supported.  more
Code Folding / Custom Code Folding
Folding for compound commands, function, comments, and Vim-style {{{...}}}.  more
Spellcheck: Common dictionaries
Bundled dictionaries with common Bash, GNU, and POSIX commands.  more
source Command Support
Go to declaration, updates file references after rename and move operations.
Go To Symbol
Available for function and variable definitions.
New File Action
Smart new file action.
quote, unquote, escape, unescape, …  more
Basic Inspections (Beta)
Highlight variables, which may be declared as local. Highlight unresolved variables.  more