Supported Commands

BashSupport Pro supports declarations by the following commands:

Supported File Types

BashSupport Pro assigns the following file extensions and file names to the plugin.

Detection of script happens in this order:

  1. Does it contain a ShellCheck source= directive? If it does, then this is used as the file type.
  2. Does it contain a shebang line? If it does, then the command name is used to define the file type.
  3. Does it have a file extension? If it does, then .sh is for POSIX and .bash is for Bash.
  4. No directive, no shebang and no extension? In this case a warning is displayed, along with a quickfix to insert a source directive.
Quickfix to insert a ShellCheck source directive
Quickfix to insert a ShellCheck source directive

File Extensions

File Names

Shebang Lines

Both, #!/usr/bin/env <command> and #!/usr/bin/<command>, are supported.